Mission Statement 
Wear The Story of Pink and Fight Pediatric Cancer🎗
Our Mission is for individuals to wear “The Story of Pink” and feel empowered to be as beautiful and feminine as they please whilst having the strength and confidence to overcome obstacles thrown at them. Regardless of your education level, you should be able to command the attention of any board room and address situations when they arise. “The Story of pink” is about feeling Inspired and empowered to take a stand not just for yourself but to be able to advocate for those whom you LOVE. 

{Pinking out Loud}

There’s nothing wrong with walking into a room full of Medical Directors and not understanding their terminology’s. Yes, it’s OK to say I don’t understand, ask them to break it down for you. Once it broken down, you have the right to say, ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s OK if you don’t know the next step. Tell them to come up with something else! Hold your head High and advocate for what is right for your child because that is what I did! Understand your role, know that you have Power and USE IT! 

Never be afraid to tell people what you want or what you expect of them! 

And look damn good doing that!