The Story of Pink

Our motto, “Everyday is a day to wear pink “Every shade tells a story, It’s a pink Love Story. Most of all believe in love, the love of fashion is like no other. It's the best love story ever told!   

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Bridal & Special Occasion Pieces

Bridal pieces are made with the finest fabrics that are sourced locally. Pieces are handmade in New York! Materials consist of silk, grosgrain, ostrich feathers & more.

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  • Silk & French Veil

  • Silk & Pink Ostrich Feathers

  • Grosgrain Bow

Our Signature Mask

Our signature mask are handmade with premium cotton custom fabric. Its made in the USA and is adorned with faux pearls.

Mask Collection
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How we give back

How we give back

17% Given Back

Seventeen Percent (17%) of net profit from the sale of ALL "The Story of Pink Inc." Products is given to The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation Inc. our nonprofit partners who is taking a stand against PEDIATRIC CANCER.🎗

The Zoefia Alexandria Foundation
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Pink Stories to share

What is life without stories? If you have a story about how cancer has affected your life we would love to hear from you.

Share your story with us